You might ask why BEST, the reason is simple. Not only are you getting the BEST, you are getting a new revolutionised diet that has not been duplicated.

At the Best Weight loss Clinic we specialize in correcting the imbalance caused by poor eating habits. We require a blood test, from this blood test your results are analysed and a diet formulated from your blood results. We do not work with your blood type, whether your blood group is A or O is immaterial, we work with the blood profile checking the chemical balance in your blood . The consensus by the man in the street is your blood group determines what you should or should not eat; this does not apply to our programme. From your blood results we balance the three hormones instrumental in causing obesity. Once these hormones are balanced the body releases a hormone called Growth Hormone.

Growth hormone is instrumental in breaking down Fat; Growth hormone does not have a negative effect on skin, bone or muscle only Fat. Most diets cause their clients to look gaunt and sick, while still maintaining the fat in the problem areas such as the hips. Thanks to the growth hormone you will have a youthful appearance and the fat in the problem areas will be gone. Once your weight is off, you are in the final stage of weight loss. A short maintenance programme needs to be followed to stabilize the Growth Hormone. Before starting the programme your body was confused and did not know what to do with the food, so it put it in a safe place, called the fat factory. Once the imbalance is corrected, we now need to stabilize the HGH, thereby allowing the body to process the food correctly without gaining weight. When following the maintenance programme we teach you all the tricks, on how you can eat your favourite food and stay slim and trim.

However NO diet will work if you revert back to your poor eating habits and lifestyle. If I tell you that you will never put on weight again I would be a liar, what I do say it is easy to maintain a Constant weight, which is of utmost importance for your general health and wellbeing. Constant weight gains and losses have a detrimental affect on the body. Some of our clinics have a B.E.S.T. Machine, which determines how your body responds to the various foods, thereby making it a 1st in the world of dieting.