The following questions are frequently asked about the BEST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME

Q. Is this a high protein diet?

A. No the treatment consists of foodstuffs from all food groups. It is a balanced eating plan.

Q. Is the Eating Plan kilojoule based?

A. No, food types, quantities and combinations are what is important.

Q. Why are blood tests necessary?

A. The Blood Tests allow an analysis of certain aspects of your system which in turn indicates what is required to get your body back in balance. This approach therefore designs a treatment (Eating Plan) unique to your requirements (one that will "trigger" your HGH profile and result in weight-loss and the other health benefits).

Q. Why are the Supplements (multi-vitamins) important?

A. In today's modern way of life every adult will benefit from supplementing his or her diet with essential vitamins and trace elements. The specific multi-vitamin has been developed especially for his programme and complements the treatment. The combination of the multi-vitamin enhances the benefits derived from the Eating Plan, and will make you achieve wellness even sooner.

Q. How long will I have to be on the Eating Plan?

A. That depends on a number of factors. For example: Your Blood Profile, your age, your sex, the amount of weight you have to lose etc. The average time spent on the programme/ treatment is between 2 and 4 months with an average weight-loss of 7-15 kg per month.

Q. Will I be able to live normally again (without constant dieting for the rest of my life)?

A. You will not be on this programme for life or need to go on another diet, provided you follow the "Maintenance Programme" Remember, this stage of the treatment takes place at the end of your Weight - loss programme when the body has achieved "balance" (you have lost the fat/weight). This 2-3 week "programme" is when the so-called "naughty foods are re-introduced back into your life without "shocking" the body! You are also given healthy lifestyle guidelines that will prevent you from starting the cycle of the "Obesity Syndrome" again.

Q. Must I exercise while on the Eating Plan?

A. No, if you do not exercise now, don't start (especially if you are very overweight)! You can start when you are healthier, but always in moderation! If you do exercise at present, we recommend you continue, but in moderation (Listen to your body.if it hurts or burns . or your appetite increases dramatically/you are are doing too much exercise!). Please remember Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore if you are exercising might lose more centimeters than weight.

Q. Can anyone follow the Best weight loss programme.

A. We do make some exceptions (but these are based on the particular individual's profile). We are an ethical medical practice, the clients health comes first. Children under the age of 16years battle, due to peer pressure at school, they do not understand why they cannot eat sweets or chips. A lot of the time the child does not want to lose weight. Ladies and Gentlemen over the age of 65 need to be healthy and fit. Over a certain age the body slows down , however at Best Weight Loss we can still trigger the, existing HGH levels.,

Q. There are so many "Fad Diets" and programmes available today... why should this be the one I do?

A. In most cases the Customers who come to us have already tried everything! You are free to choose, but the many thousands of successful Customers are proof that this is not another "fad diet". Best Weight Loss is a medical treatment based on internationally accepted research over many years. There are no injections or shake or any synthetic elements in the programme, everything is based on your body, its current profile and basic food to become healthy. your food becomes your medicine! A simple, inexpensive solution to a complex problem!

Q. Can I give my Eating Plan to my family and friends to follow?

A. Your unique Eating Plan will not "trigger" another person's body into correcting its balance. it may well cause even more imbalance and illness! Also, in some cases of "copying" we have come across, people have initially lost weight, but gained it very rapidly when going off the Eating Plan..once again, because the Eating Plan was not meant for them and as a result their HGH had not been "triggered".

Q. How can I get advice/help if I need it?

A. Call the Clinic with any queries, uncertainties or for support and motivation. The doors are open every day for weigh ins or a cup of coffee. If you would prefer to work with e-mails all questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Q. Why do we need follow up Blood Tests?

A. We require follow up blood tests to monitor your weight loss, to check if the HGH has kicked in, if not there are various reason why, it could be that you have eaten something that was not on the programme, or perhaps the incorrect quantities or the chemical balance has been altered and this has caused the HGH to kick out. Your state of health is of utmost importance, therefore it is pointless to lose weight and compromise your state of health, medical ethics have to be maintained. Your original blood test was needed to formulate your programme, the follow up tests deal with the Maintenance programme.

It is essential that you consult your family physician before drastically changing your eating regimen. If you are aware of any health issues, you must discuss it with your doctor before proceeding with any diet or altered eating plan